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As your State Representative I will fight for free-markets, smaller budgets, and family values. As a husband, father, small business owner, and farmer I know the rural Texas values of District 60. With your help, we can restore those conservative values to the Texas House.

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Cullen Crisp is a fifth generation Texan, entrepreneur, farmer, and lover of all things Texas. He owns a successful small business, Crisp-LaDew Fire Protection Company, specializing in fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Cullen and his family also run a local farm in Granbury, growing strawberries, peaches, and harvesting honey. Most of all, the Crisp family loves working with their neighbors and serving the community. Cullen currently sits on the Lake Granbury Coalition, the board of the Hood County Development District 1, and was an integral part in the planning and opening of the Acton Nature Center near Granbury. Cullen’s biggest passion is Texas and its rich history. Cullen and his family founded the Texas Heroes Foundation and are currently planning the third annual Texas Independence Day Celebration. The Crisp family are committed Christians. Cullen is married to his beautiful wife, Ashley, and together they have two children, Carson and Maddie.

  • Past President of the Acton Community Association
  • Past President of the Friends of the Acton Nature Center
  • Formed the Fall Creek Concerned Citizens Group
  • Served on the Hood County Development and Compliance Board


Budget and the Economy
Some Austin Legislators are jeopardizing our future with their recent Washington-style spending. During the recent 81st Session, the Texas Legislature spent a massive 26% increase over prior sessions, omitting water and infrastructure priorities. It’s time we have a State Representative who will work with other conservatives to return Texas to fiscal responsibility.

Illegal Immigration
Representative Keffer voted for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. In the last two sessions, bills have been filed to end this drain on our budget. However, entrenched politicians trumped common sense and those bills died in committee before reaching a vote. We must fight to stop wasteful taxpayer subsidies to illegal immigrants.

Our local teachers diligently serve our communities as they educate students for our future economy. But state-mandated standardized testing has taken a priority over teaching and a change is needed. Teachers should have the freedom to adjust their lesson plans to fit each student’s individual needs. In addition, Texas schools must reject the “one size fits all” model of the past and acknowledge that not all students will immediately enter a four year university upon graduation. Technical skills and training can immediately prepare young Texans for a successful career.

Securing Our Border
Today, the politics of Washington and Austin shamefully fail to secure our border. Both governments have the duty to protect the innocent Texans. But today, the porous border with Mexico invites massive illegal immigration, the horror and violence of drug smuggling, sex trafficking, and other criminal enterprises. Because Washington won’t, Texas must deal with this problem directly. As State Representative, I see this as a top priority. We must put an end to the chaos on our southern border by providing the financial resources and technology needed for Texas law enforcement. Our border is vast and we must deal with it as an issue of national security and Texas’ security.

Sanctity of Life
I am guided by my faith in God and supported by the love of my wife and children. I was proud to stand with other pro-life conservatives in supporting right-to-life measures. Despite radical pro-abortion activists, our elected officials must continue to respect the right of each life. We must ensure that no tax dollars provide abortions in Texas. House District 60 deserves a Representative who will lead from the front of this issue and I intend to do exactly that.

Second Amendment Rights
I am a proud licensed federal firearm dealer and sportsman. I teach my children about freedom, the Second Amendment, self-defense, and firearm safety. Our Founding Fathers intended for citizens to be able to exercise their natural right to both self-defense and resistance of oppression, wherever it may come from. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder abuse tragic events in the news in their attempts to deprive law-abiding citizens of their rights. As your State Representative, I will do everything I can to stand with conservatives to stop them.

Obamacare and Federal Mandates
“If you like your plan, you can keep it.” It turns out that intervening in 1/6th of our economy is a bit more complex than the community organizer and junior senator thought. To be clear though, a better system was never the intent. Their ultimate goal is more Washington control over citizens’ lives, whatever the cost to the vitality of our nations’ healthcare sector or to our personal freedoms. Even liberal Obama supports cringe at the warped process, exploding costs, and inept rollout of “Obamacare.” This is the worst kind of legislation for our nation and we face many fights ahead. I will oppose any federal healthcare mandates and fight against any phony “Medicaid expansions.”

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